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Super 16…Chinatown

Coloring Super 16mm in DaVinci Resolve. Shot on ARRI 416. Running around Chinatown during parade for the Year of the Snake.

I shot this years ago as a test for myself to understand the 416. I filmed it in Chinatown during the parade. My main concern was the film was old and I put a 65mm high speed lens on a 416 camera. A 35mm lens on a 16mm film camera. I did not immediately processed the film because I was cash strapped. After a few years in my refrigerator, I finally got it processed by Kodak in LIC and scanned at Metropolitan Post.

It surprised me because I was able to put the ARRI 709 cube file in Da Vinci Resolve. I was able to retrieve the highlights and needed to protect my shadows more. It gave me a kick in the stomach when I went under the bridge that I should have opened up my lens.

During this age of the coronavirus, I am revisiting passion projects because I am reconnecting to the time when I can freely walk in the middle of the street with thousands of people celebrating Chinatown.

Nowadays, I hear reports of attacks on anti-Chinese Americans. It saddens me that fear has collapse human respect on the streets. Chinatown is a ghost town. 2020 is not our year.

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